19 amazing street art pieces #streetart

Ukrainian street artist, Kislow , creates phenomenal dream like murals. Heavily influenced by surrealist art, his work radiates of walls w.

Levalet Street Art: French Artist Charles Leval Creates Clever Paste-Ups (PHOTOS)

The Concrete Jungle Comes Alive

Wandering around the lovely city of Paris, street artist Levalet finds the best spots to glue, install and apply his art. He sees the street as his canvas

Antigone makes this kind of art on the streets against Creon

Street Art street artists Plotbot Ken and Decycle. Together they hit the legendary Berlin arthouse Tacheles.

By Askew + Zes / L.A.

Street Art LA — Coolest Graffiti Los Angeles

What: Askew of New Zealand teamed up with local artist Zes to create this mural as a part of the L. The two used the building as a blank slate, sending a political message that certainly packs a punch. Where: Street (at Place).

ARYZ SanFrancisco Tenderloin UpperPlayground WallSpace Barcelona artist, ARYZ completes his new mural in San Francisco, CA late Sunday.

Artist: Zag & Sia Location: Brest, France

Street art in Brest (Recouvrance bridge / Pont de Recouvrance), France, by ZAG. Photo by ZAG MATCH. Just my favorite thing (street art) of my favorite movie!

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A small selection of photographs to discover the Street Art of Polish artists SAINER and BEZT from the ETAM CRU. Between acrylic paintings and gigantic murals, some monumental and impressive creations, colorful and full of poetry!

Street art on Via San Pietro a Maiella.

Street art by Indigo Street Art street art cool street art Evening gown by Lanvin, illustration by Jean Demarchy.

beautiful street art

The streets have become a breeding ground for incredible artwork (38 Photos)

Street Art

Inspired by Arcade’s video game Pac-Man from the street artist Leon Keer created this amazing painting on the sidewalk in Venlo, Netherlands. Keer Said, “The Pac-Man piece I made is to […]

граффити на стенах - Поиск в Google

There was something in those stars under the tree. And something in that tree under the stars.