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In this last part Tricia is in the why back with snips and snails. And Discord in riding a bear holding a stick with Angle!

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Twilight's Kingdom - World of Cardboard. Am I correct in remembering this as a Buffy quote?

Well, actually, not so much an alternate ending, as much as a Superman version as oppose to the actual Dragon Ball Z ending we got. Twilight's Kingdom - Alternate Ending

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We all know that Pinkie is a mare of many talents. Pinkie`s color should be correct now. Copyright of My little Pony: Frien. Pinkie`s talent

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Seems like Rarity cannot understand Spike`s true feelings. Or maybe she understands them too well? Copyright of My little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and the Hub Network.

I know what your thinking, but there is undertale in this

When I saw Rarity & Sweetiebelle as Papyrus & Sans I freaked but also laughed way to hard 😂