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Inspirational semi colon!

It could have ended.after reading about how the semi colon has started to represent the fight against suicide. (+ depression)and for the general idea that "the story goes on" kind of thing, i'm thinking i want to add it to my tattoo!

Possible foot tattoo quote

Possible foot tattoo quote. I love 'not all who wander are lost' but it is so overused.

'Spotted Eagle Owl' - commission for Hoot Watches on Behance

'Spotted Eagle Owl' - commission for Hoot Watches on Behance. Greg Coulton does a good job exploring geometry with the circles.

Just Don't Ever Give Up... by eula.snow

Even if the path is a little blurry, keep walking. you’ll focus in when you know what you want. then the picture of your life will be crystal clear. just don’t ever give up