San Francisco/Bay Area is so beautiful..  I walked accross in 1986 for the 50th  anniversary..soooo much

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Poster Art Print: Beautiful black and white photographic style poster with a colorized version of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This incredible image is suitable for framing.

Copper facade North Beach San Francisco

Copper Facade Building in North Beach, San Francisco. The copper facade is what gives it the green patina! Not sure, but I think it is an apartment building.

Bay Bridge & a cable car

Where little Cable Cars climb halfway to the stars. your golden sun will shine for me. I left my heart in, San Francisco ." We did leave our hearts there Dad, we never should have moved. Miss you Dad xox. Cable Car and Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Big Red - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Evangela, Elizabeth & Anna painted "LIVE" for the Global Womens Fund Gala 2013 * Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA