Golden Gate Bridge construction. 1937.   historical-photos-pt8-golden-gate-bridge-construction-1937.

Golden Gate under construction, San Francisco, 1937 64 Historical Pictures you most likely haven’t seen before. # 8 is a bit disturbing! - Golden Gate under construction, San Francisco.

Golden gate

Strange Historical Pictures - 1935 Construction of the San Francisco Bay Golden Gate Bridge! January 1933 to May The San Francisco (south) anchorage and Marin (north) anchorage were constructed.

Golden Gate Bridge - Fullmoon - San Francisco - CA by Dominique Palombieri on 500px

“Gorgeous evening TFriends living in Americas 💖 Golden Gate Bridge - Fullmoon - San Francisco - CA,🇺🇸 by Dominique Palombieri”

Lombard street san Francisco

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Lombard Street ~ San Francisco CA. Lombard Street is an east–west street in San Francisco, California. It is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of eight tight hairpin turns.

The magnificent Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California.

As you know since my last post I have been "California Dreaming." Of course, you can't think of California without thinking about the Bay City's landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Weekend Inspiration (Sacramento Street)

Weekend Inspiration (Sacramento Street)