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Want this cat! Its called a ragdoll they're hypoallergenic and don't shed--sorry to whoever wrote this- I own rag dolls & they DO shed! But they are extremely sweet & worth it!

Precious fur baby!!❤❤

Love the little black spot on it's nose. With the raised rear leg and look of concentration, it appears to be practicing, the art of bathing.

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^= "Someone left the copier running again. Come on, this is getting out of hand, people!

lovely pets : Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds - Siamese

What a beautiful Siamese kitten, or is it a Ragdoll? Totally stunning anyway!Tap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

cute persian kitten

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I remember as a child having a Himalayan kitten but Mateese got sick and had to be put down. So cute - She kinda looks like baby Chloe.

what a cutie pie

Ragdolls are my favorite breed of cats! Those big blue eyes! (Ragdoll cat breeders - Ragdoll kittens for Sale in Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus.

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Cute Pet Ideas for that Special Member of your Family see more ideas thegardeningcook. grey kitten Dogs The Little Pets - girl with white.

So fluffy!

Ragdoll Kittens and Ragdoll Cats- Utah Ragdolls, Victorian Treasure Cattery. We are a Ragdoll Cat Breeder located in Utah. Our Ragdolls are Treasures in our home. We have wonderful kittens with championship lines


The Birman cat breed, also known as the snowshoe cat. Information and advice about Birman cats and Birman kittens care, with pictures of both cats and kittens.



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Limited edition sealpt siamese cat print from original painting suzanne le good

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The Traditional Siamese Cat - Cat Breeds Encyclopedia Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companion!

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12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Siamese Cats please note this is tongue and cheek. More of a tribute to Siamese cats.