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What Naruto taught us

What Naruto taught us

Naruto viviendo momentos inolvidables

If Naruto grew up with his parents. I know it shaped Naruto into who he was but I still wish they could have been there for him.

Akatsuki what can i say they are all crazy

My first time doing all Akatsuki members together (No Tobi though.) All characters are from Naruto! (Love Kisame ) Made with my Tablet, Paint Tool SAI and Picmonkey. Naruto belongs to Masa.

Aprendi tanto com eles e às vezes até me esqueço de que eles nunca existiram de verdade

Naruto Watty Winner**** Her village betrayed her because t… Fanfiction

Jajajaja, tal cual-.-

One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, and Naruto.<<<I plan on waching one piece and bleach and iv already wached fairy tail and naruto

Uchiha brothers - Naruto

Aww Sasuke loves his brother 💕 Tags: Anime, Fanart, Akatsuki, NARUTO, Uchiha Sasuke

(☆_☆)Genderbender Akatsuki style  Konans a hot guy ..

(☆_☆)Genderbender Akatsuki style Konans a hot guy . Hidan is pretty hot as a girl too.

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Sakura Generations So cool! I think there should be an anime called Sakura.

Kakashi hates them. Sasuke is just sitting alone, thinking about his all to complicated life. And his hotness, and emo voice, and fangirls, and especially Itachi. But nobody would  Know unless you went to go watch "naruto abridged", it's hilarious. Only eight episodes. First one  is called "Pilot No jutsu!"

On the bright side Kakashi, your hair's already grey, so the chalk dust isn't noticable ^-^ Naruto's face is so adorable btw.