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MID-CENTURIA : Art, Design and Decor from the Mid-Century and beyond: Sculpture

Influences of Pre-Columbian Art can be seen in the work of Hungarian-Argentinian sculptor Magda Frank During her career she sculpted both figurative and abstract geometric pieces using various mediums including clay, wood, marble and stone.

Helmet with mask. Iran, the XVIth century. Steel; engraving, forging, gilding.

Helmet with mask, Iran, century. ©Moscow Kremlin Museums The Masks were attached to the Helmets source

DIY: Cuadro con glitter | ActitudFEM

DIY: Cuadro decorativo con glitter

Roman Legionaries battle Franks, 4th Century AD.

This is the rebellion of the Goths that lead up to the Battle of Andrianople. All the equipment is mid fourth century, note the use of the Spatha, the baldric on the left side, and the late Roman ridge helmet.