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Thermotec Ktt160024 High Pressure Line, Air Conditioning Oe Replacement

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M Service     DescriptionCompatabilityShippingPaymentsReturns THERMOTEC KTT160024 High Pressure Line, air conditioning OE REPLACEMENT Air conditioning hose/pipe fits: FORD GALAXY I; SEAT ALHAMBRA; VW SHARAN 1.9D-2.8 03.95-03.10 Product details Weight 0.10kg Inter Cars code C5E124 Product label TecDoc details Heating/Cooling from dryer to evaporator Reference numbers 15-20-0008 VEMO, V15-20-0008 VEMO, 1 029 742 FORD, 7M1 820 729 G VAG, 7M1 820 729 G VW FORD GALAXY GALAXY I (WGR) Engine Engine codes Production years kW hp ccm Engine2.8 i V6 4x4 Engine codesAMY, AAA Production years1996/04 - 2000/04 kW128 hp174 ccm2792 Engine1.9 TDI Engine codes1Z, AHU, ANU Production years1995/03 - 2006/05 kW66 hp90 ccm1896 Engine2.8 i V6 Engine codesAMY, AAA Production years1995/11 - 2000/04 kW128 hp174 ccm
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