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“Let me save you” Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Dave Marquez Colors: Justin Ponsor Lettering: VC’s Cory Petit Cover: Dave…


Here’s a quick look at Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Giuseppe Camuncoli, & Adam Kubert, on sale August 2014 from Marvel Comics.


Scarlet Spiders - The first issue in an explosive limited series tying into the biggest Spider-Event ever: SPIDER-VERSE! In the midst of Spider-Verse, Kaine, Ben Reilly, and Ultimate Jessica Drew must come together for a mission of vital importance!

Marvel + DC IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?!? But hey "Bat-Spider" that's me if you add Lady Darth :D

Marvel + DC

[Amalgamation= the process in which separate organizations unite to form a larger organization or group, or an organization or group formed in this way] Marvel + DC IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? But hey "Bat-Spider" that's me if you add Lady Darth :D