A Siberian Tiger.                    (Photo By; Suha Catman.)

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Tigers are awesome in the old sense of the word.

36 Excellent Examples Of Digital Wildlife Photography

A white tiger going after a piece of meat underwater - Photography by Eldad Hagar !

Siberian Husky. I dream to have a dog like this . A girl . Named lady.  aah >>> Visit our website now!

I dream to have a dog like this . A girl . Named lady.because I used to have a siberian husky girl named Lady when I was a kid.

~~Siberian Tiger by Steve Bullock~~

~~Siberian Tiger by Steve Bullock~~ Some reason it almost look like our cat Jinx although she not a tiger, but that face lol, her hair kind of like that too.

Funny Family Vacations: Dogs on vacation

Alaskan iditarod workers on vacation in Hawaii. dogs-at-the-beach .Scene from the Disney movie " Snow Dogs "