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Yes...yes they are u.u

Yep>>> definetly, lol kellin is like "omg Vic these fangirls are scareing me!" Vic's like "kellin you better get used to it" xD<--- you better feel special because you are.

When people call him a "Hot emo guy" instead of by his real firkin name which is…

When people call him a "Hot emo guy" instead of by his real firkin name which is Alex evens. ALEX EVANS every body. Alexandre Evens! Not a typo<<well damn girl😂😂😂👏👏👏

Jack ( Dirty Truth/No More Secrets/ In One Night original role play ( not my picture ) )

The land was practically colored white, and only white, from all the snow. star : matsuoka rin x tsundere!

once a pretty girl complimented my supernatural shirt and i just started mumbling attempting to form coherent sentences and she asked if everything was okay and i blurted out "my people skills are rusty" and kind of just squeaked as she laughed and hugged me and said "nice reference! you're too cute" and walked away. i diEd.

pretty girls are menaces to society! in fact, one of them is probably reading this RIGHT NOW- i bet I'm right, aren't i<< all girls are pretty girls but the ones that are all "wowza" make me paralyzed.

This would be so awesome. Just saying. Please?? Just one cute guy with flippy hair please like me!!! Please

i wish i could find a bvb boy to be andy to my ashley or dan to my phil or gerard to my frank (etc.

Snake bites

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Kidnapped! *Violent*