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People will always disappoint us because we are all imperfect. but we can give grace w/o being a doormat. If we cut off relationships of those who disappoint us, we will end up alone. But leaving them in my life makes me lonely too.

After draining myself dry it didn't seem fair to have to walk away empty handed.

This is exactly how I have felt and still feel to a certain extent! Ditto multiple times over. Wow did this hit it on to exactly how I feel.

Hmm.... so there is a name for it!...Pistanthrophobia: fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad

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Pistanthrophobia: fear of trusting people due to past experiences with relationships gone bad. it is a thing

Story of my life since knowing you.

YEP, 2 liars, twins if different motgers, lol!The worst feeling in the world is knowing you've been used and lied to.

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Too sad and full of regret to do anything. Ever feel like that? Take my heart, it's broken and in a sense betrays you? Do you sometimes feel haunted by regret and despair? We all get sad from time to time, problem is when it becomes dominate.

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Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you're with them they always have their phone in their hand, texting. - I don't know if not trusting such a person is exactly how I feel, but it does make me wonder.