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Speckled Tanager (Tangara guttata) by www.juancarlosvindasphoto.com


image source The speckled tanager (Tangara guttata) is a medium-sized passerine bird. This tanager is a resident breeder in Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad, Venezuela, Colombia and the extreme north of Brazil.

Striped Manakin (male) - Machaeropterus regulus

Striped Manakin (male) - Machaeropterus regulus The Striped Manakin, Machaeropterus regulus (Passeriformes - Pipridae) is an inconspicuous South American bird of forest understory; it apparently does not have much of a display, and its song is quiet.


image source The Wilson’s bird-of-paradise (Cicinnurus respublica) is a species of passerine bird of the family Paradisaeidae. An Indonesian endemic, the Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is distributed to the hill and lowland rainforests of Waigeo and.

Golden-throated barbet

The golden-throated barbet (Megalaima franklinii) is an Asian barbet. Barbets are a group of near passerine birds

Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea) found from Southern Canada to Northern Florida and Northern South America in winter

My biggest bird moment:) when I looked out the window to this.flew away when I grabbed for camera.

38.jpg (1200×820)

38.jpg (1200×820)

Crested barbet

Levaillant-bajszosmadár, v. jaribi gyöngymadár (Trachyphonus vaillantii) / Crested Barbet / at Ntandanyathi Hide, Kruger National Park, South-Africa / Photo by Dee Roelofsz

Red-and-yellow Barbet _ JBP ☺

Red-and-yellow Barbet _ JBP ☺

Black-and-red Broadbill _ KKC ☺☺

Black-and-red Broadbill _ KKC ☺☺

Cuban Tody by Ian Merrill

Cuban Tody by Ian Merrill

Blue winged mountain tanagers

BLUE-WINGED MOUNTAIN TANAGERS (Anisognathus somptuosus) - a common, widespread tanager of lower Andean cloud forests. It is almost always found in groups of 3 to 10 birds that move quickly through the forest. Their diet consists of seeds, fruits


The little male Bee Hummer. Smallest in the world!

Image detail for -Hummingbirds of Ecuador by Paul Pratt

Sapphire-vented Puffleg, a common species at Yanacocha

Hoary Redpoll by prairiedog (in and out), via Flickr. Beautiful bird.

Arctic redpoll (Acanthis hornemanni), known in North America as the Hoary Redpoll - a bird species in the finch family Fringillidae. It breeds in tundra birch forest.

Ochre-breasted antpitta

Ochre-breasted antpitta

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BLACK-CHINNED MOUNTAIN-TANAGER (Anisognathus notabilis) - found in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Colombia. Forages quite low in small groups, typically individuals. Regularly comes out onto borders and clearings, where it can easily be observed.