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A pair of puffins, sea cliff of Iceland's south coast.

A pair of puffins, sea cliff of Iceland's south coast. ** These birds are so pretty and their beaks are just lovely.

Atlantic Puffin in an updraft.

Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) by Diddý

Atlantic Puffin

Puffin flapping its wings - Travel with Audubon to the seabird capital of North America: Newfoundland & Labrador


A Puffin Comeback

The Puffin Comeback - Atlantic puffins had nearly vanished from the Maine coast until a young biologist defied conventional wisdom to lure them home.

puffins - image/jpeg

puffins - image/jpeg

Puffin Bright-beaked Atlantic puffins spend most of their lives at sea, speeding through the air at up to 55 miles (88 kilometers) an hour, darting underwater to hunt, or resting on the waves. They return to land each year to form breeding colonies, collecting twigs and grass to build their cliff-top nests.

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puffins | The Atlantic Puffins of Machias Seal Island - By Mary Doo

Puffins ~ This 10 inch long bird is a preserved species in most of the places where it is found and countries such as Labrador and Newfoundland have declared it as their provincial bird.




Humans hunt puffins for their meat, and in Iceland puffin hunting is a very…