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Zebra finches

Parent Presence Affects Birds Choices in Mates

Hier komt niemand langs !

Blue Titmouse with Sunflower Heart, he's keeping warm being fluffed up, he just looks fat. by Natures Haven. love puffy little birds

European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) by Sandor Bernath

European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) by Sandor Bernath Our Cardellino apartment is named after this lovely bird!

Black Capped Chickadee

Black-capped chickadee by Steeve Marcoux (small, nonmigratory, North American songbird that lives in deciduous and mixed forests. It is the state bird of both Maine and Massachusetts in the United States, and the provincial bird of New Brunswick in Canada



Chickadee,  the Boss!  LOVE watching these at my feeder.

my favourite bird

Strikingly black and white - Double - barred finch

Double-barred Finch aka Owl finch or Bichenos finch - An estrildid finch found in dry savanna tropical (lowland) dry grassland and scrubland habitats in northern and eastern Australia.



Zebra Finch

Zebra finches worlds cutest pet bird. They hop around sounding like a squeak toy.

The Enigma of the Florida Fancy and the European Zebra Finch

NZC Show 2012 – Nederlandse Zebravinken Club

NZC Show 2012 – Nederlandse Zebravinken Club

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The Splendid Fairy-wren - Malurus splendens, is a passerine bird of the Maluridae family. It is found across much of the Australian continen.