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The Magical Kingdom of Snails

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These have horns & only breed in brackish water!!! Super Cool Snails    Alpha Pro Breeders  - Horned Nerite Snails , assorted  / 4, $14.95 (http://www.alphaprobreeders.com/assorted-horned-nerites-4/)

Horned Nerite Snails , assorted / 4

vmishchenko.com  Vycheslav Mishchenko-Photographer, Artist

Magical world of macro by Ukrainian nature photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Puzzling. Howard Kurtz leaves WaPo for the fast-paced world of digital journalism and turns in his ex-NPR canned Juan Williams write-up for The Daily Beast ...

Howie Snails on Juan

SNAIL WOMEN One might think that snails are insignificant creatures, but snails have a prominent place in my life and the lives of my gr.