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The spiral dancer as the Corn King at Lammas.

Winter Solstice:  «The Wheel of the Year» #Yule occurs on or close to the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. After this night, sunlight will very slowly begin to increase, and green growth will gradually return to the natural world. This Sabbat is a celebration of the returning light and life. Many bring evergreen decorations, Holly berries and Mistletoe into their homes as symbols of this return .:¦:. Artist Megan Welti.

My favourite artist for Wiccan/Pagan cards - The Wheel of the Year Yule…

Lammas by Karen Cater. Lammas marks the beginning of the early harvest - cereals, barley, wheat and oats. It was often celebrated with bonfires, once lit on hills and beacons all over Europe. This is also the festival of the Celtic God of the Sun Lugh, whose sacrifice in the harvest at Lughnasadh is made so that people may live.

A Family Guide to Celebrating the Pagan Sabbat Lammas (Lughnasadh)

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The Blasphemous Homemaker: 8 Ideas For a Family Friendly Imbolc or Candlemas

Lammas Bread Blessing Bless the earth that grows the grain, Bless the water that gives us rain, Bless the wind that helps seed spread, Bless the fire that bakes our bread. – Words by Diane Baker, music by Anne Hill, Serpentine Music Lughnassadh (pronounced “LOO-nahs-ah”) or the Anglo-Saxon “Lammas,” is one of the Greater Sabbats …

Lammas is considered a time of thanksgiving, because is the first of the three Pagan harvest festivals, but not just for that we gave thanks for, is because at this time our ancestors become conscious of the sacrifice the Sun God is prepared to make.

Corn Dollies for Imbolc, St Brigid

Imbolc, the First Signs of Spring

Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, is the beginning of spring, with the Goddess transforming from Crone to Maiden. This holiday owes many roots to the fire festivals honoring the Irish goddess Brigit.

Spring Equinox: BOS Ostara cover page, for the by Jaine Rose.

Ostara by Christopher Bell

Ostara is just around the corner.Eostre Goddess is ripening and getting ready to emerge on this Spring Equinox as the Maiden, once more. Learn about the Goddess of Spring and honor her this Ostara.

imbolc - Brigid

"Hold on to your dreams, they are as precious as the promise of Spring" Goddess Wheel of the Year Imbolc card from The Goddess and the Green Man