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A Pine Tree & a Shooting Star

flasho-d: “ SYMBOL FALLS AU Basically, each character appearing in the wheel of Bill takes the form of his symbol, representative or literally.

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in the hands of an angry god

XD, Gravity Falls, this is just not true. They may have been terrorizing Mabel and dipper, but not us gravity falls fans! Though this is funny!

Resultado de imagen para dipper x mabel pinecest

Dipper and Mabel discovered pinecest (i never understad this kind of fan art, so how they know it? They are tv stars or can see stuff from other dimension?

TheCoolPearl: Gosh, calm down Mabel, lol.

Gravity Falls team meeting for Last Mabelcorn: “And in this scene the girls will be COMPLETELY DRENCHED in unicorn blood" “…Alex, I don’t think the censors will-” “Make it sparkly and call it ‘tears’, but the viewers will know.

Los hermanos son lo mas valioso que tenemos

Oh that's ok, it's not like I needed my heart!<<<<<FOREVER SOBBING/// i care so much about stan its not even funny

Keep It Together, Mabel

Keep It Together, Mabel

Keep it together Mabel by markmak on DeviantArt Gravity falls meets The emperors new groove


Meanwhile, at the Disney headquarter by markmak on DeviantArt(Alex Hirsch) Lmao this is great XD

I lobe how Stanley truly cares for Maybels feelings and is  making sure she gets attention too.

Mabel and Ford vs the Future: Complete Finally finished the comic! Mabel and Ford (with a little help from Stan) understand each other a little better before the end of summer. A take on Ford and.

"In Our Bedroom After The War" - art piece by starfleetrambo on tumblr (Part 4)

Gravity falls <<< The darkness is filled with dread, but at least, the war is over (actual song lines btw).