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Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat im sorry

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homestuck: dave getting karkat out of his cape XD omg

homestuck: dave getting karkat out of his cape XD omg<< Yeah I thought this part was funny especially the fact that Dave and karkat were fighting and karkat was like "I DON'T FEEL THAT WAY ABOUT YOU STAHP"

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" of course I want a cracker" I love the striders ( homestuck Dave davespirit strider)---> this little guy is adorable

dave x karkat - Google Search

I find this hilarious, and very likely with their luck

dave x karkat - Google Search

everyone wants to be karkat<<<I'd rather be Dave actually<<id rather NOT be an emotionally traumatized 16 year old thank you very much. But i want a me-sized Dave. The one in my class is to small.