is Radio, rediscovered - You could be the greatest man in the world () by vriskatwerket

Love Song by zy - Hetalia - America / Alfred F. Jones

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - America/The United States (アメリカ) - Love Song by zy

I have a feeling Mattie is on some serious Marijuanas

I have a feeling Mattie is on some serious Marijuanas>> XD >>> oh bloody hell, MATTHEW

HEY! THATS NOT HOW YOU SPELL COLOR! AMERICA WOULD NEVER SAY IT LIKE THAT! OBVIOUSLY A CANADIAN OR ENGLISHMEN OR AUSTRALIAN MADE THIS! *England Canada and Australia team up and hit me in the face with Hungary's frying pan collection until I apologize greatly for correcting there spelling...* great art I love it!

I could see this working just a well, if not better, with France and England XD - Also, America using the English/Canadian/Australian spelling of 'color/colour'

Italy, Germany, cute, chibi, pen, yaoi, kiss, blushing, flowers, flower crown, crying, sad, comic, funny, hearts, text; Hetalia

Italy and Germany // Hetalia ~ I'm not into boy love or yaoi but this is too cute to not pin <<I'm not part of this fandom but I ship it goddamnit

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - England (イギリス), America (アメリカ), & Canada (カナダ). They grow up too quickly...

Arthur and his boys - APH America Canada England - Hetalia