Creepy Doll - Horror Doll - Halloween scary stuff.

Creepy Doll - Turn any doll into a creepy one by simply using white out on the eyes and add fake blood where you see fit.

By popular request, here's a quick tutorial for my Creepy Doll Mobile!

I've had a few people ask for this, and since it was honestly a lot more fun to make than I expected, I give you: THE CREEPY DOLL MO.

"Awesome Pumpkin Scare crow - use chicken wire and branches for body and drape black plastic bags for cloak. this is Burtons scarecrow at the MOMA from 'sleepy hollow'…"

I will have fog coming out of the mouth with red backlighting. The front will be lit with a spot and a strobe and scary carnival music will be playing

Bloody HORROR Baby Mobile - Dismembered Lullabies - by MOPS. $106.66, via Etsy.   totally inappropriate and awesome at the same time!

Halloween creepy doll parts mobile -This would be great with some crib, creepy lookin demon baby doll and creepy lullaby songs playin.

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"Britton Leigh" by Long Gone Dolls

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