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Ravelry: MickeyinNC's Depths of Change 2.0 Test

MickeyinNC's Depths of Change 2.0 Test

Test of Depths of Change pattern. 31 color gradient with black accents Yarn wound into cakes and starting this. Part 2 complete P.

Ravelry: Depths of Change pattern by Frank O'Randle

Depths of Change pattern by Frank O'Randle

Time for Depths Okay, so I cheated a little. The pattern test started today I’d already done up to round 20 using the old pattern last night (round 21 is where the new stitches sta.

Pattern: Depths of Change - Frank O'Hanlon via Ravelry.com

This is a test of version 1 of Depths of Change before it was revised to sort out some issues. This is slightly different than the published pattern (version I do love both versions, it&

Depths of Change - amazing in shades of blue and white. Check personal images in laptop file

Depths of Change pattern by Frank O'Randle

Rings Of Change Throw By Frank O'Randle - Purchased Crochet Pattern - (ravelry)

Rings of Change pattern by Frank O'Randle

Rings of Change is a very versatile pattern that can be made in any size up to using a light worsted weight or even up to in thicker worsted weight

There is now the written pattern which includes charts or the eBook which includes the written pattern, full photo tutorial and charts.

Debi's Garden Romp pattern by Debi Dearest

Attn: This does not end with a flat edge as is seen in the giant rug on Facebook. The flat edge is in the full 111 round version.

60+ Free Crochet Mandala Patterns - Page 11 of 12

Mini Rings Of Change Baby Blanket By Frank ORandle - Free Crochet Pattern - (ravelry) Mandala Designs

by Birdlebee

Depths of Change pattern by Frank O'Randle

Navajo Shell Ripple - Crochet Patterns, Free Crochet Pattern

I love the textured look of this super cute round ripple baby blanket. Crochet in the back loops for this dramatic effect.

Ravelry: Blocks of Change 5 pattern by Frank O'Randle

I will be making eight block designs with two of each to create a 4 block by 4 block large afghan. I will design each block using acrylic worsted before I make.

Basic bi-color square (all done in SC)  can be laid out into eight different afghan patterns.  #crochet #blanket #throw

Basic bi-color square (done in SC), free pattern from Lion Brand. Eight different square lay-outs given for various effects.