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Ib, I feel like this was going to happen cause it said slap him again and stuff, I remember holding my cheek!

I would have totally made those choices if that was in the actually game Ib XD FINISH HIM!

Garry: Seeing all of these weird things is really starting to make my head spin. It's awful... Ib: Garry? Could you crouch down a bit? Garry: Is this good? Ib: That time when you patted my head, it was hurting really bad, but it got better when you did that. So I'll do the same for you.:

Ib - i dont know what they r talking about bc its in japanese, but it looks like garry got 90 extra roses bc ib cares him like that

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Ib, Forest of Drizzling Rain, and Angel of Slaughter

Read Fan Angels of Death & IB & Forest of Drizzling Rain bơi vào. from the story Angels Of Death (RPG Game).

#wattpad #hnh-ng Angels Of Death-một game RPG khá là hay. Lời thề xương máu giữa một cô bé 13 tuổi và một tên sát nhân máu lạnh. "Làm ơn... Giết em được ko?"       "Nếu ngươi giúp ta thoát khỏi đây, sau đó ta sẽ giết ngươi." . . -Hai ta gặp nhau vào đêm trăng xanh toàn phần.....    Nơi lời thề gắn kết hai ta... N...

Angels Of Death (RPG Game). - Fan Angels of Death & IB & Forest of Drizzling Rain bơi vào....

Angel of Slaughter: Isaac (Zack) and Rachel (Ray) Ib: Gary and Ib

Ib-Ib, Aya-Mad Father, Ellen-Witch's house, Shiori-Forest of Drizzling rain, Yonaka-Mogeko Castle

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