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This is so awesome for a Valentine's Day party! Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, slices of watermelon, and your favorite fruit, you can make this festive serving tray!

Just got this from a friend who got it from Budget 101. Insert toothpicks at a 45 degree angle or cupcakes may fall off. The ball is 5"diameter and holds 10 cupcakes. Tear strips of green tissue paper and fold accordion style then place between cupcakes to give the illusion of leaves.

Just get a regular flowerpot, paint it, put a styrofoam ball inside with toothpicks sticking out, and put small-medium cupcakes on the end to make a cupcake bouquet. I'm having a baby shower idea and this is just perfect!

Bouquet di pomodorini

Link not in English----Tomato tulips: I want to make them just cause they're so pretty! Would be great on a veggie platter. Looks like grape tomatoes, cream cheese and green onions. so pretty!

Check out this beautiful fruit flower idea.  fruit display from Little Food Junction. It's made up of watermelon, papaya, and grapes, but you could substitute whatever fruits you have on hand. Used flower-shaped cookie cutters and a melon baller. #fruitdisplay #diy

12 Fresh Fruit Recipes for Mother's Day

How to make edible Arrangement fruit bouquet...@Aislinn Kay im making you this next time your here

How to make edible Arrangement fruit bouquet. Rochester Rochester Kay im making you this next time your here

St. Patricks Day ideas and other fun crafts!

St. Patricks Day ideas and other fun crafts!

Radish Roses by ~Chuncarv on deviantART

This site has great ideas for Fruit and Vegetable Art. Radish roses would make a great garnish for a veggie tray.


This DIY Fruit Christmas Tree makes a delightful edible centerpiece! Healthy and pretty :) Happy Holidays!