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Too damn short!!

Haha, there is a truth to this, but I am also incredibly biased - I have NEVER met an ugly cowboy, and slow horses have plenty to teach a person too!

Lane Frost's famous quote

Lane Frost and he was willing to pay the price. Still one of the best cowboys to ever live . Gone too soon, never forgotten .

Cody wrote this about Lane Frost before he died.  R.I.P Cowboy

My favorite Poem ever. Made famous in 8 seconds but the full poem is pretty great too.

Yet another great quote from George!

My dad always reminded me that if the horse and rider fell over, I cried for the horse, even if the horse got up and the cowboy stayed down :)

I agree with the city men part but a horse is a horse and slow or fast I love em :)

The slow horses part is not that correct, because they do awesome in pleasure classes. But the city men is the most correct statement.

Barrel horses

Not just my barrel horse, all of my horses jumper, barrel racer, dressager, or hunter.