Meowsky drive-in. Shaun Tan

'The fire burned with astonishing intensity.' Tales from outer suburbia - Shaun Tan

The Bird King

Ilustración shaun Tan - "Never give your keys to a stranger", from Rules of…

[The Arrival by Shaun Tan - I love love love this book! Amazing art work, one of my favourite books that I own!] pinner wrote -I haven't seen it.

Shaun Tan "The place of nests" signed print

Shaun Tan illustration, 'The Place of Nests', from his children's book 'The Arrival' (pencil on paper).

Tales from Outer Suburbia - Love the watercolour style of this lovely scene of a father and his newborn. Enjoying the natural colours too that just flow together to make yet another interesting and attractive illustration.

Tales from Outer Suburbia

Shaun Tan: 'Dad and me' 1998 acrylic and pencil, 15 x Based on a small photograph, probably taken in Malaysia.