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Angie Braun - Blue Eyes There is a use of many different bright colors engulfing the subject's face, the technique of the brushwork is something I could experiment with in my own work.

Ilustrações incríveis do artista espanhol

Portrait Illustration by Mario Alba. Watercolor and mixed media. Female portraits with abstract touches really seem to catch my eye.

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Portrait Paintings - Danny O'Connor - The expressive use of white line, pulls the piece in, gravitating towards a conclusion, you feel as though this piece has a purpose. finding this out is both exciting and something to focus on within portrait art.

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Stenciled then varnished... brilliant. interesting-photography-and-artwork

"Loneliness of Autumn," by Leonid Afremov. The colors are so beautiful, I don't get a sense of loneliness at all, hmmm.

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Ballerina 3 — Palette Knife Figure Oil Painting on Canvas by Leonid Afremov

- Vibrant Oil Paintings by Peihang Huang

Vibrant Oil Paintings by Peihang Huang

Artist: Peihang Huang, who uses vibrant oil paints to create these dreamy, saccharine portraits, inspired by Barbie dolls.