FDS Tutorial: Polymer clay soles and stilettos - YouTube

Making polymer clay soles using a pattern and making metal stiletto heels for the soles. For an index of all the Fashion Doll Shoes Tutorials listed accordin.

OMG....this is so cool.   Shoe mold @ etsy.com

High Heel Shoe Flexible Mini Mold/Mould (25mm) for Crafts, Jewelry, Scrapbooking (resin, paper, pmc, polymer clay) (157)

making shoes

This links to page 8 of a Spanish website, so if the post falls off the page, I'll be able to find it by looking for "Posted May or "Tutorial zapato de Hermandad".


Making Miniature High Heels With Polymer clay(폴리머클레이로 미니어쳐 하이힐 만들기)

Too pretty // Handmade Miniature Shoes Polymer Clay van YinyingO op Etsy, $38.00

Too pretty // Handmade Miniature Shoes Polymer Clay van YinyingO op Etsy…

Fashion Doll Shoes: mould making

Making doll shoes, both high heel shoes for fashion dolls of various sizes and shoes for dolls with flat feet

Glittery Doll Shoes - Polymer Clay/Fabric Tutorial - YouTube

Today we're making this pretty miniature Princess Prom Dress ^^ I used a miniature dress form, which you can see my tutorial for in the links below .

https://flic.kr/p/acA22H | Boot Tutorial - Step 1 | Material…

Material needed: -Leatherette -Needle and yarn Pop buttons -Super glue -Clear wrap -Barbie shoes Metal beads *These boots were a part of my Road Warrior dressed OOAK doll.

DIY Monster High Shoes Tutorial

Quirky Artist Loft: monster high Loads of tutorials about monster high doll clothing and modifications.