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If any of you are interested I can make a board where several of us can pin to. I think about a bord for contemporary dresses, shoes and blings for flappers. The modern day flapper. What do you think? Anybody interested? I will always be linked to the museums, but can also do other things.


You are a Princess so wear your crown with pride. I’m a girly girl and Pink, yes Pink is my colour. Cliche as it is the colour Pink does bring out the sparkle in anyone. Man or woman, once you wear a.

This isn't me, but it reminds me so much of @MS. Hensley that I had to pin it!! :)

My favorite color has always been pink. I also am a huge fan of sparkles. I love using them in projects like the ASB posters I make. I am a super girly girl and love anything pink and sparkly just like this quote says which is why I can relate to it.

Ahhhhh that's where it keeps coming from#Glitter

I think that all girls have glitter in their veins. All girls have imperfections, all girls have something they hate about themselves. But all girls sparkle. All girls sparkle in their own way. All girls have a little glitter in their veins.

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Enjoy the little THINGS. What little thing can you do right now to lessen the stress in your life? Start with little things/ways to reduce stress in your life.

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Everyone Deserves to Shine, Smile and Sparkle

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38 Motivational quotes for success 2

38 Motivational quotes for success 2