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Marvel's "Civil War" Spreads To Weekly Shonen Magazine's "Fairy Tail," 'Seven Deadly Sins" And "Ace Of the Diamond"

Nanatsu no taizai version civil War de capitaine america

New outfits #NanatsuNoTaizai

New outfits #NanatsuNoTaizai


So I actually took a break from my other Nalu comic to draw this one! FT: A Lovers Kiss

Nanatsu no Taizai - Aqueles que jamais se renderão - 2

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Ban (Nanatsu no taizai)

Ban (Nanatsu no taizai)

Espero que los guste, un poco me gusto muchisimo esta playa y el hice un coloreo medio shido  Únanse nuestro grupo de NNT  en facebook uvu  www.facebook.com/groups/MundoN…

Meliodas Portada Cap 229 by

Lord Escanor

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será que ele nunca vai morrer????

Seven Deadly Sins ~ Ban (Sin of Greed) is immortal- loving g this on Netflix

Igualzinho kkkkk

Igualzinho kkkkk

Nanatsu no Taizai The 7 Sins

Who is it pointing to? <<< Nico Diangelo <<< The Doctor!<< Anderson.... We're doomed <<<Hahahaha!!<<< Donna. Noble. Oh gosh... <<Olan Rodgers...<<Walt Disney<<Aurora! Interesting.<<< Zac Effron XD<<<Castiel<<A sock...really?

I literally know nothing about Avatar. All I know is that he was pointing at David Tennant, which I guess makes him the new Avatar.

linkastarknight: “ Captain sweetie pie… Not so ” by weibo.com/chickenfriendlikeme

linkastarknight: “ Captain sweetie pie… Not so ” by weibo.com/chickenfriendlikeme

Captain America

I'm probably not going to put anything else than after all my SR pictures because I'm too busy fangirling.