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flowers in season by month- january: dahlias & rununculus!!

Flowers in Season: January

Cerul de deasupra noastra  1 by Marian Nedelcu on 500px

Cerul de deasupra noastra 1 by Marian Nedelcu on 500px

So, I'm completely taken by this image, Feels like it's been me walking on that beach, leaving those footprints.

When everything was well and good there were two sets of foot prints, now when my world in upside down where are you? "Those are my foot prints.

♀ Insects micro photography Window of Life by Lessy Sebastian green

Peek-a-chew: Hungry grasshopper doesn’t stay hidden for long as it eats its way through leaf

The insect starts to climb the untouched green leaf and its body can be seen in the form of a perfect shadow

Checkerboard lily-Fritillaria. My favourite flowers

Natural Designs Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Leda Robertson

Checkerboard lily (Checkered Lily bears striking, boxy, pendulous maroon blooms with paler purple spotting in a checkerboard pattern. Also known as Snake's Head Fritillary, Guinea Hen Flower (Fritillaria meleagris, Liliaceae Family))



Skeleton Flower (Diphelleia grayi) is a white woodland blossom whose petals turn crystal clear when they make contact with water. When the the leaves dry out, the flowers turn white.