women leather light armor by on @DeviantArt

women leather light armor by Lagueuse on DeviantArt - loving this! Impractical breastplate, not made for combat, but good colors and patterns.

Mary: could be easy to take on and off, need to add a breastplate.

Men leder leather ARMOR Full Body SCA LARP Warrior Ancient Roman Armour Deluxe

War armor of Emperor Jorah Blacknote Emperor of Romulus Sectionaire of the Red Regiment Tales of Indinarod: The Red Regiment metal pieces are red and red cape

Full set of aged Roman armour from the movie "Spartacus, blood and sand".

Caesar prefers Traditional Armor and it is not uncommon to see her dressed in something similar to this (perhaps with better material in these modern times)

dragon slayer armor

Items similar to Epic Leather Modular Armor: Dragon Slayers Wrist Cover on Etsy


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