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Kids played in their pool, I cleaned some, and even got a nap in. Had a movie night with the husband before another underway.

i met steve-o my love for jackass is just wow rip ryan dunn, random hero june 1977 – forever

The ringer by Johnny Knoxville

Jed Rees, John Taylor, Johnny Knoxville, Bill Chott, Edward Barbanell e Geoffrey Arend in The Ringer - L'imbucato: 28384

Bam Margera, Junk Drawer, Hero, Hilarious

jackass <3 party boy

Chris Pontius as Bunny the Lifeguard (I think this is from the first Jackass movie?

I was there… 046 : hanging out with the Jackass crew. Thx 2 Geert D. Posted on April 2013

Esto es jackass!! -:)