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Crystalised Asteroïds by Chaotic Atmospheres , via Behance

Pretty cool looking render. Done in I may be able to replicate this look with SubPoly Displacement effects in Time to experiment

Paul Hollingworth

Experimental Photomanipulations An experinental project by Paul Hollingworth. "A series of self-initiated images titled 'Form minus Function'.


Original Concept and Additional Modeling : Francesco Lorenzetti / floating space station / skyscape / space punk / sci fi

n3workshop tribute artboards. on Behance | Save-As | Pinterest

This images was created, as the tribute project for the Workshop design studio. Hi-Res materials will be used on the site of company, motion ID and prints.

transceiver.frequency : Photo

transceiver.frequency : Photo

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), sometimes referred to as Stone Man Syndrome, is an extremely rare disease of the connective tissue. A mutation of the body's repair mechanism causes fibrous tissue (including muscle, tendon, and ligament) to be ossified when damaged

healthandmedicineorg: “The skeleton of a sufferer of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) Descriptions of medical cases in which people have apparently turned slowly to stone have been recorded.

Lightning Fields 019 2007-2008 ©Hiroshi Sugimoto Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lightning fields, electrical charge using various metals, salts & conditions