Maids of Honour Tarts are baked using a 500-year-old recipe discovered in the 16th century by Henry VIII. It's said the King, was introduced to the delicacy by Anne Boleyn. Anne, who was then the queen's lady-in-waiting, was sharing a plate of the tarts in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace with her maids of honour.The King was taken by the simple pastry tart, which is made using rennet.

Anne Boleyn wooed Henry VIII with her Maids of Honour custard tarts

The Maids of Honour tarts are baked using a recipe discovered in the century by Henry VIII

Maids of Honour: the Great British Bake loved by Henry VIII - The story goes...visiting his Queen du jour in her apartments at one of his two palaces, found Anne Boleyn and her ladies eating sweet tartlets from a silver dish. On tasting them he declared these 'Maids of Honour' to be so wonderful he confiscated the recipe, locked it in an iron box and announced they should be for Royal Consumption only recipe here

Maids of Honour: the Great British Bake loved by Henry VIII

Maids of Honour Tarts: These delicious little tartlets, supposedly favoured by Henry VIII, have been the star attraction of a Richmond teahouse for nearly 200 years

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