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Anime picture with inuyasha sesshomaru mashima shima long hair single tall image yellow eyes looking away japanese clothes silver hair traditional clothes signed night wind upper body full moon facial mark face paint male moon

Porque a rim não é adulta

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InuYasha sesshomaru, gosh i loved this guy so much that i officially made him my boyfriend <3

Anime picture with inuyasha sesshomaru kanami (artist) long hair single tall image yellow eyes looking away silver hair pointy ears from above upper body facial mark forehead mark male armor fur

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Inu no Taisho e Izayoi - Padres de Inuyasha

It's Inuyasha's parents, Inu no Taisho and Izayoi. Inuyasha © Rumiko Takahashi Artwork © *Cati-Art Do n. Commission - Inu no Taisho and Izayoi

Inu no Taisho

Inu no Taishou - InuYasha - Mobile Wallpaper - Zerochan Anime Image Board

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Inu no Taisho (a dog-demon) with his two sons InuYasha (a half dog-demon) and Sesshoumaru (a dog-demon, and InuYasha's half-brother) so there's an episode explaining about their father after all?

Inuyasha & Kikyo Watercolor Print by Geoff Pascual

Inuyasha Kikyo Watercolor Painting Print by PascualProductions Hate the ship, but the artwork is great!

Kagome and Kikyo....2 different people....look almost the same....have almost the same souls...and love the same guy

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