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Women's Health 35 orgasm inducing positions :) nothing too creative, but love the customizable toolbar!

36 Sex Positions Everyone Should Try in Their Lifetime

[link] Women's Health - Assume a New Position: Is your sex life screaming for an upgrade? With more than 35 orgasm-inducing ways to get your grind on, our sex-position guide will help fulfill all your naughty needs.

เวลา สอน ...

เวลา สอน ...

But then there's that awesome moment when you tell someone, "Calm down, Emperor Palpatine." and the room breaks down in laughter.    It happened.  It still makes me happy.  :)

Nerd Girl Problem you quote the behind-the-scenes documentaries for "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings" and no one understands. Oh, wait -- is that just me. Whatevs -- bring the partridge! or how about sherlock too. or anything geeky, story of my life

Sexy love quotes for girlfriends

33 Most Sexy Love Quotes with Images of all Time

I couldn't help but notice that I would like to have sex with you on a regular basis.

Nikola Tesla  This makes me smile. Edison is MY version of an insult, right up there with calling you a Dalek.

Epic Nikola Tesla Infographic: How He Is The Greatest Geek! Epic Nikola Tesla Infographic: How He Is The Greatest Geek!

And because what you really want is a 3TB external drive to accommodate your massive library of recorded TV...

"Oh I'll just email you my Think Geek wishlist. Yes, it is a real website. No, they don't have a store at your mall." *sigh* it's all so true.