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Destination: Cross Country Road Trip Time: sometime this summer.

EXPIAÇÃO Minha alma tem rasgos Tem vergões das chibatadas do tempo. Tem espaços não visíveis doloridos de silêncio. Tem incertezas tão certas. Veredas abertas e vontades invencíveis que não nasceram ainda. Tem desconfianças de que o sonho é findo, mas reinventa o meu céu de utopia que todo o não crer expia. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Escritos-de-Nara-R%C3%BAbia-Ribeiro/249971401727398?fref=photo

i could cry forever for how much i miss my sweet grama. I cannot wait to finish my house and begin my Hummingbird garden This photo is SO beyond beautiful! I love it with hearts! It's a hummingbird caught in the middle of it's rain dance!

aerial view, Hindu Kush mountain range and Panj River Valley, south of Amurn, Afghanistan

South West Asia: aerial view, Hindu Kush mountain range and Panj River Valley, south of Amurn, Afghanistan

Pink Road

Amazing road with pink sunset. Looks like Father Sky and Mother Earth really are in love.

Definitely Photography

We started Definitely Photography in September 2011 and we never would have thought it would grow to become what we are now.

Image from http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/blogs/how-to-survive-a-lightning-storm-622x505.jpg.

Image from http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/blogs/how-to-survive-a-lightning-storm-622x505.jpg.

My next tattoo in memory of my mother.

30 Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs: Abstract Bird Tattoo Designs For Women On Upper Back ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration ( I love the hummingbird maybe a similar design but a fox or wolf)

(9) Tumblr

My favorite window looks the best when it’s raining because it’s big and all of the raindrops stick like magnets and it makes me feel great.

When It Rains, Rainy Days, Nature Photography, Grunge, Indie, Rain, Black, White People, Rain Days

Sun wheat

'You'll remember me when the West Wind blows on the fields of barley, we'll forget the Sun in his jealous sky among the fields of gold. For amber waves of grain.