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Graptoveria Paraguayense Graptoveria opalina

PlantFiles Pictures: Graptopetalum Species, Ghost Plant, Mother of Pearl Plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense) by Kell

String of Pearls Plant.  I love these but then my anti-scraggly gene kicks in and I don't like them anymore.

How to Grow and Care for the String of Pearls Plant

The String of Pearls plant is named after its small, round leaves, that resemble a string of pearls or beads. Buzzle provides instructions on the right way to grow and care for the String of Pearls plant.

String Of Pearls Plant 1

You get a String of Pearls! You get a String of Pearls! You all get a String of Pearls! Pearl succulents for everyone.

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Lovely way to display smaller unique plants - Bursting With Plants, a 1910 Portland Foursquare for a Florist and Barista