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Blue triplets. What woul be more gorgeous. From Australian working dog rescue.

Australian Cattle Dog trio // I'll take them all // and kiss anything nice in my house goodbye // totally worth it though

Characteristics of Australian cattle dog or blue heeler

Truly Interesting Facts about Australian Cattle Dogs (Blue Heelers)

From Australian Working Dog Rescue

Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler giving his best puppy eyes so you won't mind he stole your chair!

looks like my naughty little Ruger lol

Sort of. And "Blue Heeler" is sort of a nickname for Australian Cattle Dog. Discover more cool facts about this beautiful dog breed.

australian cattle dog, one of the smartest dogs.  intelligent and extremely busy.    always looking for something to do or get into and they succeed

This looks just like my Australian stumpy tail Blue Heeler cattle dog. The likeness is just amazing. "Mack" is my ever faithful friend, big sook, protector and early warning alarm system.

#Adopt Zev! an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), Dog in #Scottsdale #ARIZONA

Adopt Zev - ADOPTED 8-4-13! on

Zev - ADOPTED is an adoptable Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler searching for a forever family near Scottsdale, AZ.

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I am hating yappy dog owners about now!❤️ my dog literally but a red heeler not blue and she barks if the dishes slightly move in the sink