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classic urn with autumn mums

When they're done in the pot, plant them in your garden, and they'll come back up, year after year : ) Classical style urn with Autumn mums. I LOVE cushion mums.

Fall just feels like home :)

Fall Porch Decor ideas that are perfection. Gorgeous Autumn wreaths, decorations, furniture and more! Fun Fall decor ideas, projects and tutorials.

Keeping this for a template for my backyard. (Someday)

Garden Tour: Autumn Alfresco

~~~ I bet you would have loved sitting out there and sipping coffee, we used to sit outside and have our cocktails when we were in Massachuses. We made good memories there. I love you Mom and miss you so much, xox Garden Tour Autumn Alfresco

Stunning Picz: Christmas Topiary

Design 101 - Holiday Decorating with Empty Planters - beautiful planter with non-traditional greens and branches such as rosemary, boxwood, magnolia, eucalyptus, vine maple and curly willow

Beautiful use of old castoff furniture for an outdoor seating/eating spot

When conceptualizing a dinner party, there are three things one must keep in mind: location, location, and location! My dream dinner party takes place outdoors on a brisk evening in October when the leaves are just reaching their peak.

Pumpkins with flowers to line the outdoor entrance

DIY pumpkin flower pot: Carve out a pumpkin, fill with soil and plant autumn flowers. The easiest way to make your garden ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Topiary - 33 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas - Southernliving. Create a new twist on tradition with a pumpkin topiary on your porch. For years, porches have been decorated with grinning jack-o-lanterns. Upgrade your doorstep with an elegant stylish topiary. Select a statement container for your topiary – in true Halloween spirit, we used urns, but clay pots work just as well. Choose round pumpkins in graduated sizes, with the largest size fitting snugly in the container that you…

33 Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Apple Bouquet ~ Love, love, love it! A wonderful table centerpiece for Apple Day!

Growing Blue Hydrangeas:    Blue flowers are produced in acid soil (pH 5.5 and lower), and pink flowers are produced in alkaline soil (pH 7 and higher). You can add garden sulphur, acidic organic mulch or aluminum sulfate around your hydrangeas to acidify the soil to encourage the blue. For pink flowers, add lime to make the soil more alkaline.

Gardening 101: French Hydrangeas

French Hydrangea: Blue or Pink Blooms? Your hydrangea is simply responding to the soil pH. Blue flowers are produced in acid soil (pH and lower), and pink flowers are produced in alkaline soil (pH 7 and higher). You can add aluminum sulfate around your

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KCASA KC-FS05 Skull Shape Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Sugar Stirring Spoon Scoop Tea Spoon Tableware 1 Piece

I wonder if my mother-in-law will notice? What a fun ditty for my kitchen.


Give your front yard or porch a touch of fall harvest by adding a wheel barrel display! Happy Fall Everyone!

Rooster Centerpiece

Festive rooster anchors this Fall center piece with mini pumpkins and gourds. Of course, it works for the dinner table or buffet, but where else could you put it?

fall decorating.. never thought of doing this around my wagon wheel...love it!

Adorable Autumn Porch Decorating Ideas : Inspiring Fall Porch Design Ideas With Old Autumn Porch Decorations