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Best. Job. Ever. - Imgur

Best. Job. Ever.

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cant stop laughing ;)

Hugh Jackman ocean beach, in magazines you see the best photos, but in real life the ugly pictures they cut out, Hugh Jackman at his worst not at his best, I cannot stop laughing right now



Need some new ways to job search? Check these tips out!

Modern Ways to Job Search. "Traditional" ways to job search are still valid and should be used in combination with these strategies. Be proactive, target companies that you want to work for & approach them even if they're not advertising. Not all jobs

Here are some geeky things you probably did not know about the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I already loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, but because of these facts it makes me appreciate it even more. This is truly a wonderfully beautiful movie. Corpse Bride definitely has to be my second favorite Tim Burton movie.

Miss Broadway

Corners of the internet are pretty excited this morning about a photo making the rounds, one that seems to show dowdy old Prince Charles of England gleefully chasing a honey boo boo-esque child who is holding a bottle of bubbles.

People who are having a way worse day than you


People who are having a way worse day than you. I'm just here for all the car related posts.

funny jobs cute photos and images

funny jobs cute photos and images

Which one is the real target?

What are you doing???

What are you doing???

Workers needed

Let's all take a moment and appreciate the fact someone's job is making dildos