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Hunter X Hunter - Gon Freecss x Killua Zoldyck - Killugon

Pouf, Gon, Kite, and Pitou....just excuse me while I sob uncontrollably         ~Hunter X Hunter

Pouf, Gon, Kite, and Pitou.just excuse me while I sob uncontrollably (Hunter X Hunter)

Neferpitou Hunter x Hunter (Whenever I see fanart of this person I'm reminded of her abilities and what she did in the anime, which is honestly a pretty stark juxtaposition when the drawings a cute one like this.)

androgynous animal_ears bow cat_ears cat_paws cat_tail curly_hair hunter_x_hunter lipstick looking_at_viewer makeup maruino neferpitou orange_eyes paws short_hair simple_background slit_pupils solo tail white_background


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Gon and Killua

Killua and Gon ~Hunter X Hunter Después de una batalla dura




Imagen de hunter x hunter, anime, and killua zoldyck