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Fem barreges de colors sobre la taula de llum: aigua amb colorants!

DIY light table for preschool

Reggio Emilia Project: Investigating Autumn Fall Leaves on the Light Panel

Reggio Materials: Mirrors

You know you’re a preschool teacher when… … you wander up and down each aisle of the craft store, dollar store, and party store looking for supplies that would look amazing on the light table! That’s

Light Table Shapes (Play to Learn Preschool)

These plastic cocktail stirrers spark so much creativity at the light table. Make shapes or art. Not necessarily shapes, right? Can be so much more.

Color Activities on the Light Table

Fun Light Table Activities

Making funny faces on the light table from And Next Comes L

Making Faces on the Light Table

Homeschool Room and Indoor Play Environment Tour

Homeschool Room and Indoor Play Environment Tour

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