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Solarpedia - Parking Architectural design - Spring Preserve, Las Vegaswww.springspreser...

Photovoltaic solar panels and parking lot shading at the Springs Preserve, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Installing 3kW of of Short Stack solar using traditional installation techniques and hardware

Installing Short Stack Solar modules on a traditional racking system

Green Healthy School of Gen 7 Portable School Classrooms - this architecture education, design and project reference on this ARCHITECTURE

Gen 7 School is a portable school completed by portable classrooms which is designed as green school to be a healthy school and safety for children. Gen 7 School combines portable school and green …

Pergola for solar panels...perfect way to conceal them!

How To Choose Solar Panels For Your Home

The pergola kits are the easiest and quickest way to build a garden pergola. There are lots of do it yourself pergola kits available to you so that anyone could

Solar Ice Maker Chills with Heat

Solaripedia is a database of green architecture and green building resources using solar, wind and passive strategies to create sustainable built environments.

Solar Water Heating Basics - a simple explanation of how solar water heating systems work. Types of systems, system parts, and what to look for in a system.

Solar Water Heating Basics - What You Need to Heat Water with the Sun

Making time to write more about our green home choices. This week's topic is solar water heating, hopefully presented in straight forward language that doesn't sound like the parents from Peanuts talking.

One of the biggest reasons for solar's renewed popularity has to do with aesthetics. In the 1970s, going solar meant mounting panels the size of ping-pong tables in cumbersome racks on your roof. But in the past five years, the industry has become more architecturally savvy, offering up solar-powered shingles that blend almost seamlessly with traditional roofing materials. | Tiny Homes

Solar Shingles

its an replacement of the solar panels. the solar shingles are like roofing tile made out of solar panels

shade structure ground mounted pergola solar - MacGyver has been talking about doing something like this for a long time. Maybe once we settle.

Futuristic pergola solar roof, producing energy to help heat the swimming pool. Schools are starting to do this in So Cal - Ya!

The Solar Canopy is an awning mounted solar product for mounting to the side of buildings or houses. Description from sonicsolarenergy.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Lehigh Valley's source for Solar Energy, whether it be solar panel installs or just general information you're looking for, there's no better place than here.

solar shingles

Discreet Solar Power For Your Roof

Does it really work? Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles could have you hugging trees. the panels look like standard asphalt shingles—and they can be installed without any specialized knowledge.

Building Integrated Solar Power Tiles Now Available With SunRun Solar-As-Service Program

Building Integrated Solar Power Tiles Now Available With SunRun Solar-As-Service Program

Part of the roof tiled. Building Integrated Solar Power Tiles Now Available With SunRun Solar-As-Service Program

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Solar Tree « Golden Jubilee A unique lighting concept that combines avante-garde design with renewable energy technology. A solar tree is an aesthetic means of producing solar energy. It uses multiple solar panels which form the shape of a tree by assi