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日本盆景艺术家小林健二的苔藓盆景作品,朴素、寂静、谦逊、自然,很好的体现了侘(wabi) 寂(sabi)的东方哲学,在简洁安静中融入质朴的美。

Keshiki bonsai made by Sinajina. The moss expresses the world? They are the essential styles of Bonsai.

Японские мини-садики. - Цветочный форум

A work of living art, the Juniper bonsai brings beauty and peace to any setting. We have specially trained bonsai trees just for you to add to your patio decoration.

Norway Spruce

A naturalistic Norway spruce (Picea abies) by Walter Pall (from Bonsai Today issue This tree was awarded third place overall in the Bonsai Today/Art of Bonsai 2006 photo contest. Walter also won first and second place in the overall category.

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The Japanese tend to focus on using native species for their bonsai - namely pines, azaleas and maples (regarded as the traditional bonsai plants).

Japanese Maple Bonsai

If the picture is taken to show the trees volume, the man has the right to be proud. It is another famous piece from Walter pall’s collection. Sycamore Maple that won the Bonsai Today / Art of Bonsai Photo Contest.

A bonsai beauty

Yamadori Pines from somewhere up near the tree line and far from the cushy life of domestically grown bonsai

weeping willow bonsai

The weeping willow Bonsai is both graceful and beautiful. It's delicate branches form pleasing lines and arches make it a very popular species for Bonsai.