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Finnish rabbit! I want one!

Flemish Giant Rabbits grow to the size of a medium dog.I'd love a massive bunny!

A Flemish giant rabbit and a dog. Joshua wants one of these.

Giant Flemish Rabbit with Chihuahua. Replace it with a corgi and this is my boyfriend's dream pet combo. Complete with the dog riding the rabbit.

Flemish Giant Care Sheet, good info on this page

Flemish Giant Rabbits are very docile and laid back rabbits. Here is a thorough Flemish Giant Rabbit care sheet to give you all the information you need to know about caring for your Flemish giant rabbit.

The Flemish giant is a mellow companion for a child.

How to Raise Flemish Giants

Originally bred in Belgium beginning in the century, Flemish giants are popular pet rabbits in the United States today. Flemish giants are extrem.

It's like a safe treehouse in here

It's like a safe treehouse in here