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Sweet little Lop

Sweet little Lop

I need a bunny rabbit like this one #rabbits

I need a bunny rabbit like this one #rabbits

Spring bunny..awww..

My bunny rabbit is so majestic.

I saw miniature baby lop-eared rabbits on Animal Planet's "Too Cute" show. They called them mini baby lops. I have a bunny this type very fun

Holanda Lop Sable Point - La raza y el color que he querido para yeeeears.  Algún día ...  por la melodía

it's like a siamese bunny.like a real Cocoa Bunny! 7 week old broken sable point holland lop

Oh my gosh that buns look alike!❤️

So we've decided to turn the summer house into a bunny pen and possibly getting the rabbit this week. Don't know if we want to rescue a really big one who looks like this, he is called Bambi? Or a regular one? I think we're going to rescue Bambi ❤️❤️❤️

Pure white rabbits are my favourite farm animals they are so cute and cuddly

I used to have a bunny. She was a lion-head bunny, so she had the main around her head, she had blue and red eyes and her name was Bunny; named after an all white cat named Bunny.

So now my daughter wants a bunny:0)  And she wants a Holland lop or mini lop.

A cute brown lop-eared rabbit. In most cases, you have to get them from a breeder. Never buy an animal from a pet shop.