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darling bunny

So we've decided to turn the summer house into a bunny pen and possibly getting the rabbit this week. Don't know if we want to rescue a really big one who looks like this, he is called Bambi? Or a regular one? I think we're going to rescue Bambi ❤️❤️❤️

Omg, a Bun in a wagon.

bunny in a pull-along wagon, ahhh, leigh-la. i can see you pulling your bunny in a little red wagon.you loved your bunny so.i love you, love mom

Um, reconsidering my decision on the Flemish Giant! This guy is AMAZING! - by previous pinner - Angora rabbit, right?

I like the fluffiness of what looks like a hat on this Flemish. Gosh they're cute but Imagine they eat a lot more than the average Bunny!