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I know actually know who this artist is. I follow her on some other sites. Small world...  Watercolor Super Heroes by Clémentine

Watercolor Super Heroes by Clémentine

You are worth more than this addiction

"I always find myself doing this, for fun? To wake myself up? I don't know, I just find myself constantly placing a blade into my skin.

Barbara Kruger

This is called Untitled (You are not yourself), by Barbara Kruger, This is another edited image by here with a very direct message addressing feminism.

Food Stamps - Lisa Sorgini

Food Stamps - Lisa Sorgini

From the Rabbit's Archive: famous paintings re-organized... by Ursus Wehrli. See more here (or click the image): http://www.justfollowthewhiterabbit.com/?p=545

"Bedroom in Arles", Vincent van Gogh - well organized. by Ursus Wehrli